Ratio explores how social connection shapes health and development, using that learning to design better ways of living.

Ratio Talks

Every fortnight Ratio Talks invites citizens, scientists and innovators to reflect on the role of relationships in health and development.

Community Power
Community Power
Pritpal S Tamber and Michael Little conclude the community power series


We prepare learning reports with our partners; periodically summarise what we see as the state of play; and offer provocations on how to take the work forward.

How to be wrong 2022

How to be wrong

We learn from our mistakes. So why is it so hard to find examples of wrong turns in public documents? How To Be Wrong is the product of a network of experts from around the U.K. and Netherlands reflecting on the future of learning.
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We start with a question. How does social connection influence health and development? We anticipate that answers will weigh heavily on the formation of social policy. The Prospectus sets out Ratio’s initial plan for a decade of inquiry.

Ratio A Prospectus

We Learn

Ratio works alongside innovators. We learn about the innovation together. We then draw out generalisable knowledge that may assist others.