We know we are at the forefront of radical change and we are not alone. Other people are working to change data and technology to work for the 21st Century citizen. We came across some like Inrupt, MYDEX, SICCAR, ODI, Connected by Data, Digi.me, Ubdi, Brave but we know there are many others out there.

Here’s what we learnt from talking to two of them:

  1. Trust in Data, Control to the Citizen, and More and Better Integration (so having your data in one place not everywhere) are the common goals
  2. Person vs. Organisation; some of these initiatives want to empower the citizen, others focus on how organisations can collaborate more effectively with each other
  3. There is a shift in the technological field from Single USE (App centric) to MULTIPLE USE (Data centric). So in other words, do not design one APP that only does one thing. Think multi-function. A digital object that works for Adele as an SRG Member and as a citizen. (Using the SRG object as a learning diploma would translate into multiple use of the object).
  4. It gets very technical (where we keep data and how we share it). We heard about distributed registers, personal data stores, pods.

The group reflected on how their data work is different. They identified three reasons:

  1. It is women shaped and led (with a few men) whose backgrounds and circumstances may place us at the margins of society but whose potential is brought out through relying on other women. Our voice will empower other groups of people to think differently about theirs. 
  2. It works at multiple levels; individual, group, and movement (plus other agencies that may show an interest in it).
  3. Data is dynamic— we want to do something with it. LEARN. (The companies we talked to did not emphasise that, they were focused more on control of data, the ease in sharing it, or other people learning from it).

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