The group has moved from a simple one to 10 How are you feeling today? question asked daily on their WhatsApp to experimenting with collecting health data with six wearables (Apple Watch, Huawei band, Fitbit Inspire, Leaf Urban, Samsung Galaxy Fit, Healbe). The task is here is to learn from existing objects to be able to build our own.

Learning was drawn from reflection on:

  1. five questions (1 to 10): is it easy to set up, do you use it, does the data makes sense, are you changing your behaviour based on the data, do you like it
  2. three additional criteria: the data measured, easiness of data export, and other feedback.

The table summarises the discussion in more detail but six messages relevant to the group’s digital object surfaced:

  1. Setting up needs to be smooth. It needs to work for everyone, regardless of their tech skills.
  2. The object needs to fit with my body (if it gives me allergies then I can’t wear it).
  3. I am interested in my data but I need to trust it (if it shows inconsistencies, and yes, I pay attention, then I will lose my trust in it).
  4. Data makes me more conscious about my behaviour; sometimes I change it based on what I learn. (Walking more, standing more, less phone use, conscious about my sleep, drink more water). 
  5. Tips on how to improve could be useful.
  6. Getting my data off is a pain. Either the format is unreadable by an ordinary citizen, or I need to pay for a third-party App to do that for me, or become a member (more money!) to supposedly get additional benefits including getting my hands on my data.

And the winner is…Fitbit, for now.

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