For over a year, we have been now talking, experimenting, learning, and reflecting about the data that may be useful to SRGs. The group is ready to pause, take stock, and decide on the final data points. These will make the basis of a ‘digital object’. What will they choose?

To learn about their individual progress, SRGs in Ctrl want to know about:

  1. Stress; difficulty is continuous for some (not all) of the SRGs. It does not stop with being part of an SRG but will the members be better able to deal with the stress thrown at them because they now have a group of people they can rely on?
  2. Shame; the difficulty sometimes spills over into members’ sense of worth, what they think and feel about themselves. One of the member spoke about it as a loss of self which is why it is important to see if you can recover it over time while being with other people who care about you and work together to achieve common aims.
  3. Wellbeing; the group wants to know how about their mental health and how it may fluctuate depending on what is happening in their lives.
  4. Agency; core to idea of an SRG is to be in control, to have a sense of agency over their lives so it is no surprise it made the threshold.
  5. Social network; SRG members care a lot about social connection and they take a broad and deep view of it, from eye contact with strangers to support from close people. They see levels of connection as indicative of their wellbeing, and often a nudge to further connection.
  6. Cognitive bandwidth; SRGs want to know how much headspace there is available for engaging in their dreams.
  7. Skills; there is a breadth of capability that SRGs bring to the movement; the group wants to shed light on it and the use it to further connect (someone who has a skill with someone who wants to learn that skill) members in the group and in the movement.

To learn about their group’s progress, SRGs in Ctrl want to know about:

  1. Group dynamic (connection, trust, and belonging); to achieve the SRG goal(s), members need a healthy dynamic. They want to know how connected they are to each other, if there is trust between them, and if there is a sense of belonging, that they are in this together.
  2. Decisions; accountability goes hand in hand with self-reliance. Every time they meet, the group wants to log their decisions so everyone knows what they have to do and be transparent when they do not happen.
  3. Achievements; it is important to celebrate, the small or the big stuff.


  1. Saving, loans, and profit; the group want to know about their financial wellbeing and their SRG – how much have we saved; how much have we loaned to each other; have we made any profit.

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