There is a recurrent theme in the group. How do we get other SRG members to see the potential of data and learning from it, as we do?

Data conversations have the potential to hit the same barriers we encountered at the beginning of the work. Data is not a ‘sexy’ word. When you hear it, it takes people to the habitual space of giving daily their information, for free, to others. The focus is away from themselves, not within. If you bring the focus closer – what data you would find useful – there is an emotional reaction to it, to feeling hopeless, worried, angry, used.

Our group had the time to work through these barriers. It took us over 15 months to get to a point where we now meet and talk about our data and what it can do for us. Where a question like – This week wellbeing is up but sense of agency not, are they not supposed to work in tandem? (See earlier blog for context on what data the group decided to collect) – is not uncommon in our Wednesday sessions.

What if you are an SRG at the start? Or an existing group who does not know about the work of the SRGs in Ctrl? Connect the data to the whole concept of an SRG. Don’t talk about data on its own because it will not make much sense to people outside of the data group.

So package everything into a ‘box’. Let’s put all the things that will help someone connect the SRG idea to the data; or the data to the SRG idea.

Let’s get designing.

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