Ratio is the learning partner. We take a radically different approach to design and discovery. We call it relational learning.

We design with people who will use an innovation in the place where they will use it.

In our work, data is not a statement. It is used as a feedback loop to help those developing the innovation think differently about shared problems, and realise their agency to act and solve shared problems, and value the work of others tackling similar issues.

We learn as the work progresses, using the data, stories, and other information to understand and respond to the things that go wrong. We learn from error.

With Give A Day, the design team began with six people from Ayr, Barrow, Carlisle, Douglas, Kendall and Liverpool. They figured out what it would take to extend Give a Day from Carlisle to the rest of the U.K.

They have tried, and continue to try, many ideas. Most have failed. But they have learned from that failure. And by the end of the 2022, Give a Day is beginning to get traction.