A resident wanted to encourage children at her local school to think about others in their community.  At first she reached out to her local school, and eventually 14 other schools got involved.  Together they developed three ideas:

Seeds of Hope: The resident distributed compost, small disposable pots and sunflower seeds to the 15 schools where the children made up 500 pots of sunflowers and wrote accompanying letters to someone in their local area.

Generosity calendar: The children designed a generosity calendar for the month of October 2022. Each day revealed a playful message that encouraged children to connect to others in their school and their community. 500 generosity calendars were used across the 15 schools.

Pots of Joy: A local retired gardener wanted to be involved in Give a Day. He grew flowers at home which were passed to the schools to make up 100 planters, which children later gifted to people in the local community.