A woman living outside of the geographies where existing SRGs operate and who wants to join the movement will receive a Tiny Box to give her a sense of what is involved, and to motivate her to form her own group.

The first prototype of Tiny Box developed by the Design Group existing SRG members had five elements.

  1. Card game— each card has a question that prompts the women to talk about themselves and identify the skills they have, for example ‘can you cook’ or ‘do you manage to get yourself in time for work or school?’. Each question has a score and at the end of the game there is a winner.
  2. Badge that says “I have skills”— for the winner of the card game.
  3. glued on a small card that says “How can you make this 1£ grow?”
  4. SRG postcard with a QR code sticker— to give women more information about the SRG movement.
  5. 5£ gift voucher — a small treat that can bring women together, for example over a cuppa.

Each element goes into a separate envelope, placed into a bigger envelope which is posted to the prospective new member of the movement.

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