At its inception, the Collective took on the values described in the Civil Society Futures report. These are known as PACT. They encourage members to:

  • Shift Power
  • Share Accountability
  • Build Connection, and
  • Grow Trust.

In the first year they were descriptive. In the second year, they began to have utility. For example, the Food Network:

  • Connected members of organisations providing food in the Borough to better support those experiencing food poverty.
  • Built trust between organisations formerly competing for food supplies and customers. Trust was built from the sharing of resources.
  • In time they shared accountability for sourcing food and reducing waste. It resulted in more food delivered to those who most needed it, and meeting additional needs.
  • There is no hierarchy in the network, all members have an equal voice. As a collective the organisations have a stronger voice in conversations with the Council, and with funders.

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