We posted the Give a Day box to 12 people around England and Scotland. Some of these people passed on their box to others people, leading to feedback from 20 in all.

The box arrives in the post. Most things in the post these days are annoying, or they bring bad news of bigger bills.

The Give a Day box stands apart. It isn’t fancy, but it is different. Opening it feels like an event. Three of the 20 opened it with their family members sitting around the kitchen table.

It starts with a tea bag, and a chocolate bar. For nearly all that is a good feeling. It is a ‘This is important and I can do this’ moment.

It still isn’t right. The design group didn’t think enough about how the box opens. (If it is opened in the wrong way, parts go missing). There are questions about the ethical sourcing of the contents. And structural questions, which we come to in following posts.

But the idea of sending something to people through the post is a winner.