The Give a Day box has been designed for individuals interested in leading the work in their community, town or City.

When we share information about Give a Day, we get calls from people saying ‘I want to do that’. When we sit and ask ourselves, who might do this on the East Coast, we invariably find ourselves saying ‘oh, Charlie would be great at this, he has done all kinds of great stuff in …”

This strategy has worked. Six great people have built the Give a Day box, and we are confident four will run Give a Day in 2023 (two have done so in 2022). Twenty individuals from around the country have helped us take the idea further, and they have identified lots of people who might lead.

On the other hand, the kinds of people who come forward or are identified for something like Give a Day are the kinds of people who come forward or are identified for all kinds of great ideas.

Some of them want to do Give a Day, but they don’t have the time or the space. Generally these kinds of community leaders know people locally who can take the work forward. But not all are good at passing the box on.

Many of the people we talked to around the U.K. about the Give a Day box loved the map to chart all the people, and businesses, and projects in a community.

Some challenged us. Why are you sending the box to an individual? Why not send it to a community of people? Imagine them sitting around opening the box together? Think of how you could create connections just be sending the box?

Individual or community? We don’t know the answer to this question. But it should be pretty simple to find out.