The work has thrown up a challenge.

Prior to the pandemic, Give a Day in Carlisle had grown exponentially over a period of five years, reaching around 40 projects in 2019.

After the pandemic, Carlisle started from scratch. Most the people involved in the Give a Day network had been significantly involved in the response to the pandemic. Adjusting to giving and community post pandemic takes time.

This year Carlisle ran seven projects, just a few more than Kendall, in their first year.

In Ratio’s work with the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation we found utility in the concept of ‘big scale’ and ‘small scale’.

Big scale is getting the idea to as many as possible communities, towns and cities in the U.K. Small scale is increasing the number of projects, people giving a day and businesses giving materials and staff in each Give a Day place.

These objectives require slightly different tactics, and there is a danger of the work across the U.K undermining the progress in Carlisle and early adopters of the Give a Day approach.