This will change over time. How we learn will reflect what we have previously learned. But to start:

  • The entire staff team will meet as a group with Ratio each month.
  • Women in SRGs will also meet with Ratio once a month.
  • We will get a sense of how the SRG model works, and where it doesn’t work, and where it might be improved.
  • We will introduce some adaptations to the model
  • We will test those adaptations to see if they lead to more women in control of their lives
  • Most of the adaptations will fail, but that is how we will learn.
  • We will keep on testing, failing, adapting in the light of that failure, month on month, until we see some progress.

Ratio will facilitate this work by:

  • Facilitating the conversation
  • Feeding in ideas from the women and other experts
  • Encouraging the group to read and learn from the best available science
  • Drawing the learning together.

In this model WEvolution as an organisation, as a movement learns. It isn’t a matter of Ratio coming in to do an evaluation. Ratio partners WEvolution as it learns.

It is not possible to know where the learning will take us. Ratio’s partnership with the Association of Camerados started with a café in a public library and ended up with a teepee in a public hospital, all in the name of friendship and purpose. None of the partners could have imagined a teepee when the work began.

So it is with WEvolution. The goal is more women in control of their lives. We are learning how to achieve that end.