The learning has gone through two distinct phases.

In Phase 1, the design group from Ayr, Barrow, Carlisle, Kendall, Longtown, and Liverpool met in person (in Carlisle) and online regularly to capture the core elements of Give a Day and replicate them.

Two of the places have delivered Give a Day in 2022, and one is committed to delivering in 2023.

In Phase 2, we sent the materials from the design groups work and sent them blind (that is without much explanation or background information) to community activists in: Barking, Berkhamsted, Birmingham, Coventry, Dagenham, Great Yarmouth, Peebles, Pollokshields, Rossendale, Telford, Wallingford, and Yeovil.

In addition to the learning, Phase 2 has produced interest in delivering Give a Day in another five places.

A distinctive feature of the relational learning approach taken in this work is reporting and using what we discover throughout, and not just at the end.

Our learning is reported in this set of We Learn posts.