Challenges for the Borough mean challenges for the Collective. Again a few examples:

  • How do we resist our competitive urge? Some of the member organisations in the Collective are more capitalist that the most ardent capitalist. From what source does the desire to grow organisations come?
  • Can we have a conversation about ethics and money, replacing adherence to contracts and targets with trust and learning?
  • How do we deal with what are called ‘externalities’, meaning the way in which an ‘in-group has a natural tendency to create an ‘out-group’?
  • Could we do more to turn ‘talk’ into ‘action’?
  • Can we settle on a shared sense of the Collective? It can still mean different things to different people? Sally Dixon commented
    • We have to keep saying what it is. We have to recognise the we are the Collective. What we do shapes the Collective. And the Collective shapes us. I don’t say that enough.

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