The process and focus of learning has adapted as the Collective has developed. Here are some ideas about where the learning will go next:

  • Getting clearer again on what the Collective is, what is core to the idea, and what could be adapted if it were tried in other places
  • To aid a deepening and broadening of the Collective, mapping the whole of civil society in the Borough, the formal and informal organisations, the moral actors who operate out-with organisations, the contexts that create connection, trust and belonging in the Borough. (Thames Ward Community Project have collected much valuable data)
  • Making these ideas work beyond the relationship between social sector and Council, with the emerging South-East London Integrated Care System for example, mandated by law to replace competition with collaboration and to strengthen the connection between health and civil society
  • Bringing the questions of power back to the Collective members, examining legitimacy of organisations and the agency of residents.

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