Was there any meaning in the patterns the machine identified and described in the last input? We think so. It appears the machine was picking up on context not directly relevant to the therapy that strongly influenced the young person’s progress. Some examples. The Machine was picking up on instances where:

  • an upcoming court case was distracting the young person from treatment. The treatment was progressing well. Nobody mentioned the court case. But the young person was much less engaged.
  • situations where the therapist was strongly focused on the mother, making the mother happy, and creating a bond between therapist and mother, but diverting attention from the fact that the young person gets progressively unhappy.
  • the therapist is writing more about problems of schedule meetings with the family than what is happening to the family dynamic.
  • more or less everything the family are talking about comes back to the young person’s struggle with the social aspects of school, and the inability of the family to intervene on the young person’s behalf.

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