We are interested in scale. More women in control of their lives. This is the impact we seek to spread. That frames what we measure. All the way through the process we will capture:

  • Reach: how many SRGs, and how many women in an SRG
  • Quality: the extent to which we are doing our work as intended
  • Impact: the number of women in control of their lives.

The purpose of the work is to learn and adapt, in other words to change how WEvolution goes about its work. It doesn’t make sense then to have the same measures all the way through. As we innovate, we may want to capture different data.

But this doesn’t mean we are haphazard. We can continue to be rigorous if we stick to some simple rules:

1. Let’s measure simply, smartly and well the things that matter (reach, quality and impact)

2. If we end up collecting more information than we collect currently then something has gone wrong. We should collect less, and know more.

3. If we are not learning from the data (and it has no other purpose) then we shouldn’t be collecting it.