When thinking about scale it is usually helpful to distinguish between the core, that which makes the innovation work, and the adaptable, that which makes the innovation sell, or attractive to people who might use it.

Think of a mobile phone. The core is in the back. You cannot fiddle with it, which is good, because doing so would make it break.

The adaptable is all the things that allow the user to make it their own, the screensaver, the mail, the photos, the apps. I don’t have an iPhone. I have my iPhone.

Separating out these two components is going to make us think. How small can the core be?

What is the minimum required for women to be in control of their own lives? What is core to the SRG model, the things that make it work, that must be present in every SRG?

Thinking about the adaptable forces us to think about potential SRG members. Why on earth would somebody join an SRG? Sure, we know being a part of an SRG is good for them. (Actually, maybe we don’t know that but we believe it to be the case). Wait, if being part of an SRG is so good, why are we not members? We have to figure out what would make an SRG the best thing since sliced bread for women.

And part of that discovery will be working out how each woman makes an SRG just right for them, and not just something for women like them.

Mother’s new car is a cargo bike (Photo: Mikael Colville-Andersen)