Give a Day is values driven. (There is no organisation, so values are the core to the approach).

Finding a shared language to express those values takes time.

In the initial reflections the words, compassion, generosity and hope strongly resonated with the design group.

Pride in place is also core. It is Give a Day to Carlisle, Give a Day to Kendall, always Give a Day to the place where you belong.

The phrase ‘give whatever is in your hands’ to indicate do what you can, no matter how much or how little, spoke strongly to the first group of designers, but not so much to the activists around the country reflecting on the work. Two commented that ‘giving whatever is in your hands’ often results in coffee mornings and other orthodox activity.

In Carlisle, Andy Fearon and Miriam Lowe have added adjectives such as ‘fiercely’ generous, and they also referred to ‘botheredness’ to capture people’s readiness to help.

As the design has evolved, we have moved towards the words “Love in Action” or “Love and Action” to capture the values of Give a Day, but they have not settled yet.