Young and old. Working people and retired people. Working people and unemployed people. People who have their own business with people who work for others. People working in health with people from the arts industry. People who have a disability with people who are fighting addiction. People who work in public institutions with people who work in the community.

In the context of Give a Day, these differences are stripped away, what is left between people is a common ground, the place where they work, live, learn and play, their shared motivation to make it better place for all.

Give A Day in Kendall brought together people fighting addiction to make a garden for people who cannot hear. During the refurbishment, when paint was in low supply, one of Give-a-dayers went to the local supply shop. The person behind the till happened to be deaf. When he learned what the paint was for, he not only gave it away for free, he also joined the team to help them finish the job. Give A Day brought a beautiful garden for the people supported by the Cumbrian Deaf Association.