WEvolution has been at the heart of efforts to form 100 SRGs in Scotland, England, Wales and Netherlands. The point of the learning -more women in control of their lives- means translating 100 SRGs into 1,000 or more. The first meetings reflected on what might need to change for this growth to happen.

1. Recruitment

  • Does WEvolution go about recruiting members in the right way? How would a business trying to sell a product to potential SRG members go about the task? Who else is doing this better that WEvolution?
  • Who is WEvolution trying to recruit? The most disadvantaged? The most enterprising? The hardest to reach? The most keen to join?
  • Where are the stories about the amazing women in SRGs? What is the nature of those stories? Rags to riches? Who are these stories for? To entice new women into the movement? To encourage funders to back WEvolution?

What does the enterprise officer do? Recruit. Nurture new groups. Troubleshoot existing groups.

One says, ‘Half of my role is pastoral care’. Is the enterprise officer encouraging enterprise, or resolving social need? How much of the work is fixing problems, how much is connecting women so that they can resolve challenges by themselves?

3. What is enterprise?

Being business like, making millions. Dealing with life’s challenges in an inventive way. Taking control of one’s life.

4. What is WEvolution?

An organisation. A movement.

What do answers to these questions mean for what WEvolution staff do.