Welcome to a series of short trainings to support the work of the BD_Collective, Public Health and Barking and Dagenham Council to help residents fight the cost of living crisis and address health inequalities.

Episode 1: An introduction to the trainings, and the work ahead

Episode 2: The role of the Insider-Outsider, the Locality Leads

Episode 3: The opportunities and challenges of living in Barking and Dagenham

Episode 4: One way we can make a difference: the 95% rule

Episode 5: Having a sense of control over our lives and our communities improves our health

Episode 6: The way we learn is continuously changing

Episode 7: We learn by mistakes

Episode 8: Being grown-up

Episode 9: Proving vs. improving

Episode 10: Improving vs proving

Episode 11: Design

Episode 12: Design principles

Episode 13: Design as playing

Episode 14: Build a design team, and later, design teams

Episode 15: Your role in the design team

Episode 16: Chris Kapnisis on the Localities opportunity to work in a grown-up way

Episode 17: Elaine James on the need to disrobe to engage with residents

Episode 18: Geraud de Ville de Goyet on thinking creatively about bringing people together

Episode 19: What is a prototype

Episode 20: The weight of an idea

Episode 21: The ideas on which our prototypes rely

Episode 22: Think scale

Episode 23: What do we want the design groups to do

Episode 24: Dr Sharmin Ria on what she loves about her patch

Episode 25: Dr Sharmin Ria on the pressures on health services

Episode 26: Dr Sharmin Ria on the idea of a health team

Episode 27: Councillor Maureen Worby on counting beans and engaging more residents

Episode 28: Taking stock

Episode 29: The core idea

Episode 30: Principles

Episode 31: What does this mean in practice?

Episode 32: Bowie, madness, and Becontree

Episode 33: Ideas for everyone

Episode 34: From one house to many houses