Community Power
Community Power
Pritpal S Tamber and Michael Little conclude the community power series

In this episode, Michael, Ratio Talks’s co-host, and Pritpal, our resident community power expert who’s based in Sao Paolo, Brazil, meet for the first time in person to conclude the podcast series. They discuss the series as a whole and the observations that listeners in Australia, the United States and England sent to us in short audio memos.

The conversation starts off with the phrase that touched everyone’s chord: powerlessness kills from podcast guest Tony Iton of California Endowment.

In their conversation, Michael and Pritpal mention:

The epilogue between Michael and Pritpal reflects their views.

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In this series, Michael is exploring community power — what it is, how it’s linked to better outcomes, such as health, and what its limitations are. The series is in collaboration with Pritpal S Tamber, a researcher and consultant on the link between community power and health, and a Non-Executive Director of Ratio.