Community Power
Community Power
Pritpal S Tamber kicks off a new series on community power

In this episode, Pritpal sets the scene on what is community power and why it is so important. He mentions the following: 

Pritpal’s full definition of community power builds on the work of the USC Dornsife Equity Research Institute (see below) and was developed with Anthony Iton and Robert K Ross of the California Endowment. It is the ability of people facing similar circumstances to develop, sustain, and grow an organized base of people who act together through democratic structures to set agendas, shift public discourse, influence who makes decisions, and cultivate ongoing relationships of mutual accountability with decision makers who change systems and advance health equity. 

Related reading: 

  • For an excellent discussion of systemic and structural bias (such as racism), see this 2022 article by Paula A Braveman and colleagues 
  • For a deeper understanding of community power-building, including a definition of base building, see this 2020 report by the USC Dornsife Equity Research Institute (second report on the page)

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In this series, Michael is exploring community power — what it is, how it’s linked to better outcomes, such as health, and what its limitations are. The series is in collaboration with Pritpal S Tamber, a researcher and consultant on the link between community power and health.