Community Power
Community Power
Three Organisers illustrate how it’s about justice, not charity

In this episode, Michael talks to three organisers, Olivia Masoja, Marzena Zukowska, and Stephanie Wong. They talk about how power is built, the importance of relationships, and how what’s key to societal change is the pursuit of justice rather than the provision of charity.

The epilogue between Michael and Pritpal reflects their views, not necessarily the organisers’.

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Ratio Talks is produced with the help of sound designer Nik Paget-Tomlinson and creative director Richard De Angelis. The show’s theme song is by Luca Picardi.

In this series, Michael is exploring community power — what it is, how it’s linked to better outcomes, such as health, and what its limitations are. The series is in collaboration with Pritpal S Tamber, a researcher and consultant on the link between community power and health, and a Non-Executive Director of Ratio.